Location: London(University College-UCL), Cambridge

Academic: choose from 17 amazing 21st century specific skills subjects in the morning and afternoon

Outcome: Enhance academic knowledge, increase confidence, communication and collaborations skills

Awards: Certificate awarded upon completion of the course, Graduation ceremony

Tutors: Highly qualified tutors, specialists in their field, educated at top Universities

Social Programme: Exciting social programme including afternoon and evening activities and full day coach trips within UK

Accommodation: Fully residential option or Non Residential (Day Camp) option

tennis lesson lite regal summer school
Tennis Coaching at Lite Regal - Have fun and , make friends and learn this summer

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Lite Regal Students Punting in Cambridge


Key Facts


University of London, Bloomsbury, central London


Minimum Stay

1 week


20 lessons per week


Single en-suite room with full board


First class University English teachers


25th June - 26th August

Age Range

10 to 13 years

Class Size

Maximum 15 students


University admissions advice & discussions

Social Programme

Full day trips to various parts of UK, exciting daily sporting, cultural, artistic activities

Lite Regal Inspirational Summer Camp Activities


Lite Regal Education and Summer School is pleased to offer a summer camp and school in central London, Regents Park at UCL - University of London, Garden Halls uniquely for 10-13 year olds. We are one of the leading Summer Camps in the UK where children will learn 21st Century skills and have fun and mix with Other Children their own age from all over the world. They will learn skills such as :

  • Independence
  • Timekeeping
  • Confidence
  • Overcome shyness and have fun whilst learning a skill set invaluable for their future studies

Choose one morning option (Elective 1) and one afternoon option (Elective 2) from our 17 subject choices.

We are a summer camp with a difference.

We have found the perfect balance and at the request of parents to mix a learning subject with a fun activity in the afternoon. The morning elective tends to be a learning based or an academic option and the afternoon elective art based or sporting option.

We are the only summer camp to be situated in central London with an option of a day summer camp for those parents who live, have homes or choose to stay in central London hotels. We also offer a fully residential summer camp that includes full boarding at the University campus.


The learning objectives are simply:

To increase the academic knowledge in the student's chosen subject area through fun and active workshops and class / tutorial driven lessons where students are actively encouraged to participate. Make no mistake this is not a sit down boring classroom style teaching and regurgitation of notes, but well planned, structured courses where interaction and group discussions on given topics are encouraged. These courses are taught by the academically brightest teachers whom are highly educated in their field and educated at the “Top” Universities” and able to educate the brightest students.

Lite Regal Inspirational Summer Camp in London teachers have prepared workshops and lectures to address the needs of this and will allow students:

To enhance their academic knowledge. A choice of academic and creative courses to increase confidence, communication and collaboration through common causes.

Please also focus on the learning objectives under each subject’s separate information.

Why Choose Lite Regal Inspirational Summer Camp in London & Cambridge:

The reasons are simple - we are one of the leading Summer Camps and you can ensure

Amazing Campus location in Central London - moments from Oxford Street and museums and the West End

Your Child will be looked after like in your own family

Mentors and Staff to ensure your child is safe and supervised and make friends with the other Students - We welcome Shy Students!

Premium Accommodation with En-suite Single or En suite Double Rooms(for Students that would like to Share)

Amazing After Class Actives after 3:30

Best Tutors who are patient and will teach using Workshops to make the lessons Interesting


  • Learn New Skills through lessons, workshops and tutorials to enrich your knowledge.
  • Have fun and make friends during the summer, Join 60+ Nationalities.
  • Learn Time Keeping Skills and Leadership skills necessary in the future.
  • Develop critical solving skills
  • Make new friends from all over the world.
  • Learn from world-class teachers at a University College ranked one of the best in the world. 
  • Improve your study skills and communication skills.
  • Develop your practical skills.
  • Work in teams to develop your interpersonal and organisational abilities.
  • Enjoy the LITE Regal experience of being accommodated in one of the colleges of the colleges of London Universities.

Please also focus on the learning objectives under each subject’s separate information.


The LITE Regal Summer School isn’t all about work! Our dedicated Events Team has created an exciting action packed social programme to complement your studies to ensure you have as much fun as possible, make friends and get the most out of your stay with us.Please visit our activities page for more details: Cambridge London

Cultural Excursions
Excursions take a full advantage of an excellent transport network both from London and Cambridge, giving you a real taste of life in England.Destinations can include: Harry Potter World, Windsor Castle & Eton College, Oxford, Brighton, Chessington World of Adventure.

After School Activities
There is so much going on in London and Cambridge and we don’t think you’ll be bored. After classes you’ll have a range of activities to enjoy too. Here are a few examples of the kind of activities you might have the opportunity to enjoy this summer: visiting London Eye, Madame Tussauds or the famous Houses of Parliament, film nights, punting down the river, visiting a West End Theatre, themed parties, sports including tennis, swimming, dancing and many more.

Free Time
We understand that students will want some free time to relax, attend to personal administration and contact their families. Some free time will be provided for rest and relaxation, however, we believe the most valuable experience to the student is a fully immersive, packed programme of activities and so students should expect to be engaged in team activities for the majority of time.

University College London

The Garden Halls (Accommodation)

Example Timetable for Lite Regal Inspirational Summer Camp  in London for 10-13 year olds

Inspirational Summer Camp 10-13 timetable


To make a booking you can either apply online or via our paper application form. If for any reason we cannot offer you a place any fees paid will be refunded.

Applying online is the fastest and easiest way to secure a place on our courses. Please click the APPLY ONLINE link to get started with your application. If you would like to you can download our paper application form. payment via paper application can be made by credit / debit card, cheque or bank transfer. please see the application form for further details.

Upon receipt of your booking we will send you acknowledgement email confirming your place on the course.




Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions before submitting your application to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Common questions asked by parents

Day starts at 9:00 AM so you need to drop your child between 8:30 and 9:00
This if for the children who are having accommodation, but if you wish your child to have breakfast with us in the morning, he/she can do so as there is a breakfast club for FREE.
We finish classes and workshops at 6:00 PM then we continue to have Dinner first then some activities (eg: PS4 , Board games , etc.) and If your child wish to join the Dinner club also, it is for FREE.
It is all up to you and your child choice but we totally recommend that he/she has an accommodation to be with other children sharing stories and know how to live with others, play with each others and they will enjoy this accommodation a lot that they won't forget it at all.
We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. A continental breakfast, three-course lunch and dinner will be provided in the college dinning hall. During day trips packed lunches will be collected from the dinning halls and depending on the length of the trip dinner might take place in local restaurants as part of the social programme.
We are used to accommodating most dietary requirements – including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerant, as well as religious dietary requirements and other dietary needs. We’ll ask you to let us know what your dietary requirements are before the summer school starts, and we’ll then double check this with you when you arrive so we make sure we can cater to your needs.
We make every effort to place boys and girls on separate floors within the accommodation, within any limitations due to the layout of the accommodation.
We do offer accommodation in single rooms upon request and early booking is recommended for these. It is likely that your child will be sharing a room with someone the same age as him/her. If you are sharing, you will be with someone of a different nationality.
There is 1 or 2 supervisors for each 10 children, we have both genders; female supervisors for girls and male supervisors for boys.
Although the school has insurance for the students, we recommend each parents to buy the all travel insurance.

What is included in inspirational camp

The morning will typically involve your classes. After lunch, you will normally have a mixture of either workshops or seminars, while the evening will usually involve fun social activities. For a more detailed outline, please check the timetable in courses pages.
We spend a lot of time hand-picking and training the best tutors for each course. Our tutors are typically experts in their field. You can read more about our tutors on our tutors page.
All students who successfully complete the course will be given an LITE Regal Summer School certificate at our Graduation Evening on the last night of the summer programme. Parents or relatives are very welcome to attend this.
Whilst we contract with Universities in London and Cambridge for the use of facilities, we have no formal connection with these Universities.

VISA Requirements

You can check this link for more information about VISA: https://litecollege.co.uk/student-information/visa-information/

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Join us this year - Some of many Students from all over the World - Oman and Hong Kong Students from Lite Regal Sumer Camp

4.71 Average

31 Reviews

Steve Browne

What a great experience with Lite Regal. I found them to be completely supportive and professional at all times. Thank you!

Posted 1 month ago

masa latkovic

В прошлом году я учил английскому языку. Школа длилась в течение 4 недель. Преподаватели были очень хорошими, всегда готовы помочь. Хорошее место и проживание и питание. Я рекомендую всем!

Posted 1 month ago

Asad Jabbar

Lite Regal Education was helpful and I was able to achieve good score in my IELTS test..

Posted 2 months ago

Deborah Whitaker

My daughter attended Lite Regal International School and did 3 Level English. She found the course a great help and it also allowed her to learn at her pace. The course is very well set up and really aimed at helping children with their education. Thank you :)

Posted 2 months ago

Barbara Palvin

Good experience with A2 revision classes after recommendation by a friend as I had to make up for gaps in knowledge. Took Edexcel Chemistry Physics and French. Improved on my predicted grades and teacher pushed us with homework and sample examinations every day. French teacher was very patient. Only negative is classroom for physics was quite small and internet kept on dropping.

Posted 7 months ago

Janet Clarkson

Attending the math class was a great experience for my son. The teachers are very friendly, considerate, energetic and enthusiastic. he is making good academic progress so we are confident that he will be successful in achieving the grades he needs for University.

Posted 1 year ago

Robert Mckein

The team at Lite Regal Education ensured great equilibrium between academic and social activities, which promoted a sense of achievement, independence and exposure amongst students. Thank you for an exceptional A2 chemistry Year.

Posted 1 year ago

Mark Berkly

My daughter had a really positive experience with her A Maths Level Edexcel Easter Revision Retakes. She had attended the A Easter revision course and was extremely impressed with the small groups and Teacher, There was a lot of focus and individual attention and focus on the way that she learned best. We are so grateful.

Posted 1 year ago

deborah smith

The medical course was not what I imagined, It was better than I expected. I went on the Medical as I would like to be a doctor one day, and this summer camp was recommended by a friend in Lebanon. However the course was vastly different to the basic science done at other places and was very intriguing and has also made me very passionate about a career in medical science. The tutor Rebecca was also very friendly and so easy to understand that it might as well be basic science. Thanks Rebecca!

Posted 1 year ago

Chris Irwin

The place was fantastic, teachers were very thorough with their explanations. I had engineering and my tutor Gao Wei was very energetic with the subject and had an infectious attitude, he was easy to keep up with and understand. I loved my engineering course.

Posted 1 year ago

Robert Jenkinks

Sports activities were great as the facilities and equipment available were very good and effective. The tasks set out were effective to either determine or effect a variable of the student, such as endurance or strength of a certain limb or muscle. The tasks set were easy to understand and were fun to complete. Overall these activities were very effective and worth while.

Posted 1 year ago

Aira Waseem

The summer course was excellent as I found out many things unknown to me at this course. Also the great activities done after the course for the day were very engaging and entertaining. The activity leader Mr Lucas was social and easy to get along with allowing for the other attenders to engage with each other if the activity required group work.

Posted 1 year ago

Ranama Bilash

At first I was nervous to go to this place as I didn't know any of the teachers or any of the other attenders. However the English course I was set to do was very effective as teacher Doris was very kind and patient,that allowed me to get settled in and get engaged with the work. There were many scenarios where I was not confident or didn't know the answer and she was patient for me to try for the correct answer and if I didn't get the answer she would drop hints for me to use.

Posted 1 year ago

Shawn Dorrell

My son was here last summer. He enjoyed the Business Enterprise course and loved the different activities after class. Great welfare too. Accommodation was suitable, and food was OK. Overall, a good experience that helped him get through the first semester of college.

Posted 2 years ago

Kavya Vaishnavi

My daughter is very satisfied with this institute. She took the Sumer Intensive English Course. We are immigrants from India and I want her to be able to speak the language with confident. She loved the program and the tutors, I can tell now that she feels more secure when talking to others and her writting skills have improved as well.

Posted 2 years ago

Linda Durmish

The experience of a lifetime. I took the LAW SCHOOL PREPARATION SUMMER COURSE here in Lite Regal, mainly because I needed some help with my stage fright. It gives me a lot of anxiety just by talking in public, and as a future lawyer I need to overcome that; the tutors here in this institute gave me the real tools and made me feel more secure about myself, so I won't have any problems when I begin my career. From the students to the tutors, they all helped me a lot and I am grateful to them.

Posted 2 years ago

Sophie Tilmitt

I was home sick at first, but after a few days I made many friends - up to this day we still talk to each other... The staff were friendly, especially the activities leaders. Activities coordinators were the best, we had such a wonderful time learning and having fun on outdoors activities. I will never forget this experience at Lite Regal, best summer course ever.

Posted 2 years ago

Maria Beckstein

I did the Film Academy Summer Course, and I absolutely LOVED it. I got my hands on practical training in all aspects of film production, including camera work, lighting, script writing, editing. The tutors and lecturers are professionals in the Film Industry and they taught me a lot of things. I did the course in London and I got the chance to do a field excursion to the Warner Bros Studio Tour; experience was ace... Campus was great and I did a lot of friends. I would take the course again if I've got the chance.

Posted 2 years ago

Deborah Bligh

Great company providing a fantastic opportunity to learn in London or Cambridge. They offer a range of courses from GCSE's to University foundation courses and the teachers are fantastic. They are friendly, approachable and welcoming. A great experience all round.

Posted 2 years ago

James Cerrone

Couldn't ask for more. My son was impressed with this course, not only it was educational but also very cultural. He took the Global Leadership course, I guess he wants to be an entrepreneur just like his father. He learned so much, I know now he is ready for College. Thank you Lite Regal.

Posted 2 years ago

Adam Parke

It's an inspirational place for anyone that takes the leap. Developed so many skills and met new friends and would love to go back. There is also cultural excursions to so many amazing places. Would recommend it to anyone.

Posted 2 years ago

Antonietta Castillo

Nice institute. I attended the Creative Writing course last summer, 2 weeks in London. Good instructors, the people were nice and you learn a lot. I give it 4 star because the food was OK and the wifi sometimes was a little slow, but other than that I was a great experience.

Posted 2 years ago

Sophie Barnett

I really enjoyed this course. I like to say how much I have enjoyed this course. It has been incredibly enlightening and educational, but it has also been very enjoyable. Thank you.

Posted 2 years ago

Lorena Kolkowsky

My daughter took the 4 week Medicine course in London. Her dream has always been being a world famous M.D., but before she started applying for the long career, I wanted her to be inspired and to see if that was her truly vocation... She LOVED the course here at Lite Regal Education, she always tell me that thanks to this institute she rested assured that she was following the right track. I am greatly grateful with this institute, they did their best in providing my daughter with the tools so she could finally make up her mind.

Posted 2 years ago

Lily Buranasin

The school is friendly and there are lots of activitys'. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn but also enjoy learning. I applied for 6 summer schools, but out of every single one this was my first choose for so many reasons. The wifi was dropping in the evening on few occasions. When I complained about the wifi they told me that the router was far away from the room. But luckily they gave my me a better room.

Posted 2 years ago

Rafael Matheus

I remember having a great time last summer attending the 4 weeks course in Cambridge. It was a marvelous experience. I attended the course for Engineering Preparation, very complete and inspirational. The staff are talented people and the students I met there were amazing, it was educational but fun at the same time. I certainly hope this course will help me with my application to the University of Cambridge.

Posted 2 years ago

Vanessa Whitaker

I am very happy with Lite Regal. The course was friendly informative and challenging without being beyond my capabilities. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Thank you. Vanessa

Posted 2 years ago

Steven Brown

Absolutely Fantastic I can't speak highly enough of everyone concerned. I recommend 110%

Posted 2 years ago

Ly Lau

Fab service and staff. 5/5 would recommend. Thank you for the experience!

Posted 2 years ago

masa latkovic

My daughter was in school in English. It was great . Everything is professional. I would recommend to all parents of this school. Supervisor-thank you very much for everything!

Posted 2 years ago