Tennis Academy

Tennis Academy Summer Camp for Pre-Teens London

For those Pre-teens aged 10-13 years old that want to learn an academic subject in the morning then combine this with tennis and learn tennis coaching /drills and playing this is the ideal afternoon selection for them. The Lite Regal Inspirational Summer Camp is in Central London and student is based at UCL Garden Hall University of London Inter Collegiate Halls of Residence (Please See our Centers) . The Tennis is an Afternoon Elective Option and must be combined with a Morning Elective.  Lite Regal Tennis coaching will be fun, energetic and students will learn with a professional coach. Student will be able to combine their passion of learning tennis with an educational and cultural Summer Camp in one of the most exciting cities in the world  - London. 

tennis Summer Camp Teenagers London LRE - LITE
Tennis Summer Camp Teenagers London LRE - LITE Regal

Students will play tennis and train on the Out door Hard Court Tennis Courts at the Summer Camp at UCL Garden Hall University of London.

After Tennis and the Afternoon Elective students can relax and  and mix with the other student from all over the world before the Lite Regal Education activities staff plan afternoon excisions  around London.

Students aged 10-13 will be placed according to their skill level and in small groups and will play tennis, runs drills and exercises designed to improve every players tennis during this camp. Children of every level and and ability are welcome to join this tennis summer Camp in London.

There is no substitute to playing tennis and hitting the ball constantly – This is afternoon elective option concentrates on improving through playing and coaching.

Quick Glance Skill Set Learnt at the Tennis Academy London

  • All levels from beginners to Advanced
  • Tournament Matches played each week to assess improvement
  • Age of players 10-13
  • Focus on stroke technique, positioning and positioning within the court
  • Drills Games and exercises to make tennis coaching fun
  • Footwork and drills and techniques to improve all areas of tennis – ground strokes, backhand, serve and timing