LITE Regal Cambridge Summer School provides a highly academic environment in which to study, explore and relax. 

The beautiful city of Cambridge, complete with one of the most prestigious Universities in the world, makes Cambridge a great location for your summer school. With LITE Regal Cambridge Summer School, you not only get to learn and enhance your skills with a fascinating career-led course that will certainly not compare to school, but you will also have the opportunity to live and and learn in Cambridge.

At LITE Regal we want to harness your potential and give you the freedom to study the subjects that really matter to you and that will help you in life, with your career and benefit your future.

At Cambridge Summer School, you will receive over 40 hours of high-quality tuition in your chosen fields that are not only educational; they are delivered in a fun, interesting and vibrant format. Working with highly-trained professional tutors, we understand that the key to knowledge absorption is the method of delivery.

Full of culture, sites of interest, beautiful scenery and architecture, Cambridge is an enchanting city that is bound to inspire your creativity and thoughtfulness throughout your time at LITE Regal Cambridge Summer School.


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1st July - 14th July


15th July - 28th July


29th July - 11th August

2018 Cambridge Summer Activities Highlights


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Study in the famous University city of Cambridge

Cambridge is a historic city full of college courts, cobbled streets, gardens and bridges. The ancient architecture is dominated by Kings College Chapel and bordered by the scenic River Cam. The most loveliest and peaceful place and a real delight to visit for the Summer.

Studying in Cambridge has many advantages, not just because you get to live and learn at one of the best University Cities in the UK, but you also have a chance to explore the beautiful surroundings. Cambridge is a city full of history, modern amenities and beautiful landscapes; there truly is an element of Cambridge to suit everyone.

The safety and security of the quiet yet vibrant city makes Cambridge the perfect place for young students to learn, live and explore.

Summer Courses in Cambridge

For budding politicians and world leaders, we offer inspirational classes in global leadership, carefully balancing the elements of politics, philosophy and economics.

For young entrepreneurs, we offer a range of business enterprise lessons so that your future will be a successful and profitable venture. For those who want the shape the world for the better, we offer a powerful combination of science, technology, engineering and mathematics so future scientists can get a head-start on engineering their future.

With those looking to harness the power of words, we offer creative writing classes, and for those who want to make an impact with vision, we have a film academy course. At LITE Regal we have catered for every interest so that your learning can take you further.

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Our Afterclass Activities Timetable

Cambridge is in the heart of the British countryside, only 65 miles from London. It’s the perfect home base to explore everything this area has to offer including famous castles, abbeys, gardens, palaces, and two of the top Universities in the world.

The unique environment of attending Summer School in Cambridge means that there is a wealth of activities on offer for you to try your hand at or to improve your existing skills. We offer a range of sporting and energetic activities from tennis to croquet. You can then soak up the culture and history of the beautiful city by visiting local attractions such as Anglesey Abbey and Fitzwilliam Museum.

In the evening, we offer great ways to relax such as bowling, a lively disco and, if you’re brave enough, a spooky ghost tour. To take a break from classroom learning, we also include three day trips to local attractions at our Summer School.

summer school Cambridge students on excursion

The LITE Regal Summer Experience

When you choose your summer school experience with LITE Regal Cambridge Summer School, you get to study and live in one of the most acclaimed and appreciated Universities Cities in the world, Cambridge truly is the place to inspire your creativity and fully unleash your potential.

Choosing LITE Regal Cambridge Summer School is the perfect choice for an experience that will last a lifetime. Not only will you receive a top-quality education, but you’ll gain life experience and unforgettable memories.

Cambridge is a stimulating environment that will boost your creativity and learning power while being a culturally significant city that you’ll love to be in. We firmly believe that choosing our summer school will be an experience that you’ll never forget.

Cambridge Summer Courses

We offer a WIDE RANGE OF COURSES at the Cambridge Summer School, not always available in high school, that are brought to life with stimulating activities, complemented by real life experience in meaningful field and site visits. Students are taught in small groups by well educated teachers, passionate and specialists in their field.

If you would like to find out more or have further questions about our Cambridge Summer Programmes, please contact us.