Welcome to LITE Regal Education

Lite Regal Education is passionate about education and about Inspiring and Educating Student to achieve their Potential.

Here is a little bit about us! We have been teaching many Courses for over 20 years Since 1993 with Schools in Cambridge and London. We have a prestigious Summer School - Lite Regal Summer School  - running many summer courses for High School students under the portal (www.literegal.co.uk) and a full time International School offering courses from English Language to A Levels to University Preparation offering long duration courses all year round and not just in summer at Lite Regal International School (under the portal - www.litecollege.co.uk). We are well placed to serve your needs and offer the advantage of not only running a Summer School but also run an independent school for short or long term courses. Both Institutions are served by our Mother Company Lite Royale College Ltd t/a Lite Regal Education. 

Summer Graduation Lite College
Lite Regal Students Achieving their Potential

LITE Regal Education is dedicated to academic excellence and is suited for students aged 10 and above who would like to gain an academic insight into their chosen subject and would like to study in the future in a prestigious university in UK or abroad.

The Summer programmes take places at top UK Universities in London and Cambridge and participants from all over the world attend. Most are from the UK and International Schools are and wide across the Globe. Each Year more than 60+ Nationalities with join us.

From Intensive A Levels Courses to A level Easter Revision or Intensive English to University Foundation Courses or our Prestigious Summer School we are well placed to serve your needs.

By housing small classes taught by highly educated tutors, whom are chosen from the UK's Top Universities and having a variety of nationalities you will come away more confident, independent and academically smarter. You will explore and practise your chosen subject and you will get the chance to have a taste of your profession in "Real World". Coupled with our action packed social programme you will have an unforgettable summer.

Our mission statement

Our motto "Each to his utmost" reflects our mission statement. We will strive to allow each student to achieve his or her upmost potential. We will nurture and motivate each student and give our best in allowing each student to develop socially and academically within our School. Our School strives to develop the young minds of the students whom attend through a combination of academic excellence and social activities and multicultural social environment.

We promise to provide each student with the best care during their stay with us and hope to become "one family".

Above all we want the students to come away from this programme having had a worthwhile and had a memorable experience.

Meet Our Team

LITE Regal offers a safe and secure environment that is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our friendly and professional team. We have a dedicated team of managers, teachers and college mentors. The welfare of our students is our main priority at all times and our staff specialise in the pastoral care of older teenagers.

Management team

Our management team is headed by the College Principal, who takes responsibility for the daily running of the college, and supervises the academic programme.

We have an Operations Director who is responsible for the day to day running of the center. The social & welfare manager takes charge of the social programme and is supported by a team of college mentors, who ensure everyone is happy, safe and having fun. Working together, our managers ensure that every aspect of the college runs smoothly, safely and offers every student the chance to participate fully.


Our academic faculty is specially chosen among teachers and researchers in some of the world’s leading universities.

Led by these outstanding individuals, whose work is thoroughly evaluated after every summer, and operating in small, seminar-style classes, our courses immerse students in subjects about which they are passionate while helping them uncover the spectacular sites and cultures in which they are living.

College mentors

Our Mentors are key members of staff who support and assist our students within the college accommodation and throughout the social programme. Our team of college Mentors work with our Social & Welfare Manager in organising the college’s social events and excursions, as well as accompanying students into campuses and during day trips.

Join Our Team

Lou Kelemen

Modern Architecture Teacher
Nathan Hawkins

Nathan Hawkins


Jose Velazquez Garcia

Maths & Applied Maths Tutor
unnamed (1)

Rebecca Keating

Medical Tutor

Dr Gao Wei Wu

Engineering Preparation Tutor
LITE Regal Summer School Staff

Miss Kate Helliwell

Summer School UK Staff

Neala R Street

Business Enterprise Tutor
LITE Regal Summer School tutor

Gabriele Mandrelli

NLP Tutor
summer school in UK film academy tutor

Oscar Forshaw Swift

Film Academy Tutor
Summer School London staff

Allysha Michael

Law School Preparation Tutor
summer school in UK tutor

Takeshi Kurotori

Engineering Preparation Tutor
UK summer school teaching staff

Jack Burgess

Medical Preparation Tutor
LITE Regal summer school London teacher

Lisa Dewsberry

Creativity and Innovation Tutor
summer school in Cambridge teaching faculty

Paul Pattison

English Tutor
UK summer school summer teaching staff

Kamilla Pawlikowska

21st Century Skills Tutor
LITE Regal Summer School London Teacher

Aline Khoury

LITE Regal summer school Cambridge teaching faculty

Mr Alexander Kanischev

Summer School UK Business tutor

Mark Blane

Director of Studies
Milan Lebloch director of LITE Regal summer school in UK

Milan Joseph Lebloch