• A challenging and Comprehensive Structured Online Medical Taught online  by a fully qualified Engineering tutor from a Top UK University.

    For the Modern Student and Secondary School


    Open for UK and All Overseas Students in years 11,12,13  aged 16 -18 Students who wish to attend Medicine School


    Be thoroughly prepared for Medicine before University


    Gain 3.5 Credits and Receive a detailed Report with graduation certificate
    These will enhance your CV and that will prove useful if you wish to apply to University for Medicine


    Exciting Workshops – Help with UKCAT, BMAT, University Medicine Admissions, Suturing Techniques,  Dissections of heart, Lungs

DATES & FEES 2020 / 2021


  • 20 hours of subject based seminars, medical hands on workshops and tutorials
  • meet other students from all around the world
  • Video Lectures and online Workshops taught by Qualified Medicine Professionals
  • Pre-course learning materials sent in advance of the course – to include BMAT, UKCAT, workshops and learning Material
  • Certificate of attendance and detailed report card


This Online Medicine course is a well structured medical course based upon the 1st year foundation stage of Medical School University. It will be taught online though zoom / skype using icloud and interactive e-learning platform. It is the 21st Century way of learning as students can learn this course wherever they are in the world. It is a challenging course that will push your knowledge and comfort zone. It is to seriously to be considered by any 15-18 year old students from the UK or abroad who are unable to attend physical Summer Medical Preparation course in London or Cambridge due to Covid -19 restriction but still wish to know about medicine and what medicine at University entails.

The course attracts many Students from international Schools abroad – studying the IB or UK Syllabus – students from Gulf States - UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Asia – Hong Kong  Thailand, and Malaysia amongst these.

Given the difficulty of entry into Medicine, this 2 week course with over 40 hours of teaching and workshops will provide students with an foundation of Medicine. It will cover admissions procedures of entry into top UK and Foreign Medicine School.

Medicine knowledge as well as how to gain entry

This course will prove invaluable to entry student wishing to gain greater confidence about being a doctor and why to provide the knowhow and intuition on why they are about to embark on a 5 year Medicine Graduate program into becoming a Doctor.

Help with be given on admissions to Top Medical Schools like the ones below:

Rank Name of Institution Location
1 Harvard University United States
2 University of Oxford United Kingdom
3 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
4 Stanford University United States
5= Johns Hopkins University United States
5= Karolinska Institute Sweden
7 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) United States
8 UCL (University College London) United Kingdom
9 Yale University United States
10= Imperial College London United Kingdom
10= University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) United States


This Online Course will is suitable for anyone interested in Medical Science including all curious learners from around the world.

In thjs online Medical Course you will cover an introduction of topics during the pre-clinical phase of medical school, focusing on introduction to the fundamental aspects of the structure and function of the human body, and the basic mechanisms underlying disease.

  • organisation of the body
  • physiology and pharmacology
  • biochemistry and medical genetics
  • medical sociology
  • workshops on medical techniques such as suturing
  • patient and doctor coursethis Leading Online Medical Summer Course you will cover an overview of the medical syllabus of first year University while exploring topics ranging from neuroscience and pathology to anatomy, immunity, cardiology, and endocrinology.

Student will discuss learn and feel motivated and confident about becoming a future doctor Over the course of the program, you'll have opportunities to gain hands-on practice through lab work and field work, patient case studies and simulations, and blood pressure testing. You'll leave the program with a deeper understanding of the world of medicine, as well as the tools that prepare you to pursue medical school.


  • Endocrinology
  • Anatomy
  • Heart – anatomy and physiology and common heart problems
  • Gastrointestinal and renal systems
  • Brain anatomy
  • Neural processes
  • Cardiology
  • Respiratory functions
  • Immunology
  • Histology
  • Suturing
  • Organs and Body Cavities


The online Medicine Preparation course will help and guidance on improving your score in the UKCAT and BMAT to help you achieve the highest grade you can to gain entry into your Medical School of choice. Help through sitting past papers and examination / test techniques will ensure you familiar and well prepared for these required University admission tests.


The online Medical Course will provide thorough exciting workshops to allow the theory to come to life with well organised online workshops supervised by your Tutor.


Enhance your knowledge and skills on suturing with online suturing class on artificial tissue that is like real human skin. Closure methods  to include line and needle selection and case studies with practise modules. Online videos and practise to achieve the best suturing techniques for left handed and right handed students

Organ Dissection

An BIOX home delivery – Deliver – dissect – dispose kit will be sent to all Online Medical Students that will contain real animal organ specimens that will allow students to dissect real organs and with the Medical Tutor supplement the lecture and learn the workings and functions of the organs in a hands on online dissection workshops. Students will typically dissect and learn about the heart and lung organs

Stethoscope Work

Learn how to take Patients histories and learn common patient examination techniques to diagnose illnesses in Patients as used in clinics by Doctors and GP’s. Learn Stethoscope work on the heart and lungs as taught to 3rd year Medical Students.

Workshops Kits will be send to all  students prior to course

1/ Complete Suturing Kit

2/ Stethoscope

3/ Full 28 piece Dissection kit – to contain scalpel , forceps and scissors

BIOX – Anatomy dissection kit to contain –  1x heart , 1 x lungs – and 1x eyes depending on time scale


Please Note Online Lessons Run from 8:30 am to 1 pm Monday to Friday UK (GMT time) Each Week

WEEK ONE 8.30AM - 10.30AM 10.30AM - 11AM 11AM - 1PM
Introduction to Medicine, organisation of the body, physiology and pharmacology
Coffee / Tea break LABS AND WORKSHOPS
Suturing techniques
Introduction to human anatomy, Physiology II
Coffee / Tea break LABS AND WORKSHOPS
Tutorial seminar, UKCAT and BMAT
Heart and lung anatomy, and physiology and common heart and lung problems
Coffee / Tea break LABS AND WORKSHOPS
Suturing techniques II
Endocrine systems and renal systems, skeletal systems
Coffee / Tea break LABS AND WORKSHOPS
Tutorial seminar, UKCAT and BMAT
Medicine admissions, Interviews and personal statements
Coffee / Tea break LABS AND WORKSHOPS
Dissection of heart / lungs
WEEK ONE 8.30AM - 10.30AM 10.30AM - 11AM 11AM - 1PM
Overview of week 1, Biochemistry and medical genetics
Coffee / Tea break LABS AND WORKSHOPS
Dissection of heart / lungs
Anatomy masterclass, Genetics and biochemistry
Coffee / Tea break LABS AND WORKSHOPS
Stethoscope work, heart and lungs - how to listen and detect abnormalities
Immunology I, Admissions procedures and best practices to top Medical schools in the world
Coffee / Tea break LABS AND WORKSHOPS
Immunology II, an approach to human genetics and genomes
Medical genetics and Medical biology, pathogens study, viruses and bacteria to include Covid 19 study
Coffee / Tea break LABS AND WORKSHOPS
BMAT and UKCAT masterclass - exam techniques and timed examinations
Patients and doctors history taking
Coffee / Tea break LABS AND WORKSHOPS
Admissions procedure in top medical schools, course summary and general questions