Location: London

Academic: Business & Enterprise, Leadership, Entrepreneurial Enterprise

Industry Link: Field visits to real world companies such as Google Campus

Outcome: Enhance your CV, academic broadening and knowledge

Awards: Certificate awarded upon completion of the course, graduation ceremony

Tutors: Highly qualified tutors, specialists in their field, educated at top Universities

Social Programme: Exciting social programme including 3 coach trips

Medical (Medicine) Internships and Shadowing Programme in London UK

Ages for Students for Shadowing Programme : 16-18 and 18-23 yer olds

Location : London

Applicable for : All Nationalities (Majority of our Students are International Students)

What happens : Shadowing Doctor and Pre-Clinical Internship at a London Clinic

Shadowing hours : 25 hour per week

MediShadowing / Internship Programme for 16-18 year olds

This medical internship and shadowing Programme is for a 1 week / 2 week / or 3 week period only and for the dates as shown below. The Doctor Shadowing / Internship Course is open to all Nationalities. The programme is done in partnership with the Clinic / Hospital and Doctor Concerned,

Doctor Shadowing and Medicine Internships in Hospitals is a vital and a necessary application in any application to Medical School Application or for Students who are already studying (age over 18) Medicine abroad in the UK and would like to commit to Clinical Practice in a Medical Practice , Clinic or Hospital.

Advantages of the Shadowing and Internship Program.

The advantages of a medical Internship are so numerous. We find that our Students who have gone on this programme will have an educational and cultural experience of a lifetime. They will learn from and see how  a fully qualified doctor (minimum of a MBBS title) works with patients in a full working environment, Importantly Students will learn from the doctor Anamnesis (assessment of history of the patient) or how the doctor takes the history of a  - a how physicians ask specific question from the patient or other who know the patient to obtain useful information to formulate a diagnosis.

We find Student mature , become more confident during the shadowing  / Internship  program with us.

  • Have an educational and Cultural Experience as well as getting Vital and important hands on experience with a qualified Doctor and see and how they interact with patients. For those
  • Enhance and Update your CV with the Internship Doctor Shadowing Program in London
  • and 18-23 years old
  • Doctor Shadowing
  • In the students spare time they can relax and have fun and explore all that London has to offer in this Multi-cultural and heritage rich capital

Who is this Internship Suitable for ?

For all young 16+ future Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Dentists, Veterinary Science Students, Physiotherapists,Paramedics or any future healthcare person. It is useful for all High School Students (Y11 /Y12( students seeking to get a shadowing programme. For Foundation Doctors (junior  doctors )  FY1, FY2 from abroad seeking a cultural and educational experience and Clinical and experience in the UK.

Where are the Internships

Internships are Only London Based! Due to the convenience and student demands the shadowing program is based in London.

The Internships  and Shadowing programme will normally will be in one of the following

1/ GP or Doctor Surgeries

2/ London Clinic

3/ London Teaching Hospital

Internships are normally be within one of the London NHS Hospitals or London Clinics. We will find Placement normally within one of the Large Teaching Hospitals to give students a ideal Volunteering role and insight within or working of a large Teaching Hospital or Doctors Clinic. An example of the hospital that students may find placement in are as below (all are London Based) :

Price of the Internship Program

The Internship program can be taken on its own or as part of a Medical Preparation Course

Price of the Internship Programme alone - not taken in conjunction with any medical course

1 week £1800

2 week £3600

3 week £5400

What is includes in the Internships

Lite Regal will provide and sort out all the paper work between the student and Doctor. Lite Regal will find and source the Clinnic and Doctor for the student to Intern with, All necessary Visa's (if Required and all Internship paperwork will be provided by Lite Regal Education)

1/ Accommodation in the University of London Accommodation. We normally use UCL Garden Halls or one of the other Intercollegiate University London Halls of Residence. All accommodation is in Central London (Bloomsbury area) and commuting between the place of Internship and Accommodation is close.
2/Supervision of Students
3/ Ensuite Single Room or twins within one of the University of London Student Accommodation. If you are enrolling with a friend or prefer to stay with someone we can provide Ensuite twin Rooms.
4/ All meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
5/ Internship in a London Local Hospital or Clinic and all the paper work needed.
6/ All Public Transport Travel - London Oyster and Travel Card ) between Halls of Residence and the Hospital / Clinic.
7/ Welcome Briefing and Hospital / Clinic Introduction to gain Orientation.
8/ We will assign a Student Mentor to support you during Volunteer Placement.9/ Pick up and drop off from the airpport can be arranged for the student but not included in the program cost.


(Put map of Internship programme )

Dates of the Internship 2019

Easter Dates

7th April till 13th April 2019

14th April till 20th April 2019

Students can cover 1 or 2 weeks maximum during the Easter Break

Summer Dates

Dates 2019
30th Jun-20th Jul
7th Jul-27th Jul
14th Jul-3rd Aug
21st Jul-10th Aug
28th Jul-17th Aug
4th Aug-24th Aug


What will I get after the Internship

All Students will get a Full Certificate of attendance from Lite Regal Education and also a Certificate and letter from the Doctor and Clinic the Student was shadowing that will state all the areas that they covered and learned. They will in essence receive a letter of recommendation from the Doctor outlining what the student covered during the Internship program that the student will find useful in the future.

  • Letter of Recommendation the Doctor and Clinic or Hospital that states what they learnt and covered

Eligibility and Who can Apply for Hospital Internships

1/ Year 12 or must be 16 or over as of 1 June 2019.

2/All nationalities with a good level of English. For all Non EU nationals our Placement team will help students obtain the necessary Visa and UK Entry Clearance Papers Necessary to attend the Course and Placement.

3/Students are must be highly motivated and be thinking Seriously to apply of Medicine or a Medicine related degree at University – (Dentistry , Nursing , Psychology, Veterinary Science).

4/ Must command a good Level of English Minimum– IELTS 5-6, TOEFL iBT 35-59 , TOEIC 526-750 .CAMBRIDGE FCE. If you are unsure your English level please contact us

5 / Must pass a Skype Interview with one of our Admission Team  to access their suitability and acceptance.

6/The LITE REGAL MEDICAL Volunteer placement is ONLY available for those students partaking in the 2 week Medical Preparation Course.

Closing Dates Internships

Courses and Placements will be Oversubscribed – Early application is Advisable. Closing Date – Applications not accepted after May 2018

What you will get out of the Internship

Enhance your CV
Internship of  20-25 hours in a London Hospital /Clinical Setting
Shadowing a Doctor / Physician and Mentor will bring opportunities to observe and learn
A certificate to show the areas of experience  and knowledge gained during the placement

What can Students Expect

It is important to manage your expectations during this Medical Placement Experience. The depth and type of experience will depending upon the Hospital or Clinic that the Student is placed with and the doctors that the student will shadow during their placement. Students will Shadow Doctor and Hospital administrators during the work Placement and they will give them the range and breadth of experience dependent upon their interests in Medicine.

Due to health and safety in the UK and Students on placements should expect the following when they make an application:

  • Placements cannot be for more than two weeks.
  • Students aged 16 years old or under are only permitted to undertake administrative and clerical placements.
    Students aged 17 years old or over are permitted in clinical areas but will be supervised at all times.
Students will typically shadow doctors /physicians / mentors and any experience students can get around doctors, patients, the elderly or handicapped is invaluable in any Medical School Application. Depending on the age of the students – students will typically be able to get an insight into the working of a hospital and its departments – Cardiology, Radiology Haematology, Cardiology, A&E, Intensive Care Unit General Surgery, Anaesthesia, Dermatology and ENT, radiology.


Q/How Long is the Volunteer / Placement ?
A/1 week is minimum and 2 weeks Maximum.
Q/ What Days and Times are Placement?
A/ Placements are Monday to Friday leaving the Weekend and Evening Free. Students typically have 25 -30 hour experience per week in the Placement.
Q/ Will I mix and meet other Student in the Accommodation and in My Placement?
A/ Yes you can be assured that you will have the educational experience of a lifetime and mix and meet students your own age from all over the world.
Q/ Will I be paid for during my Placements?
A/ No – All Placements are strictly on a voluntary basis.
Q/ Is the Accommodation Singe Sex?
A/ The University Hall is mixed but you will be placed in a single en suite room. If you request a twin shared room you will placed with a companion of a similar age in En suite Twin Room.

When will applications will close.

The medicine Internship and Shadowing Program is extremely competitive - applications will close Friday May 31st 2019 for the Summer Entry. Early application is recommended Please apply as soon as you are sure this this the Internship program and course for you for either Easter or Summer 2019.


4.74 Average

27 Reviews

Barbara Palvin

Good experience with A2 revision classes after recommendation by a friend as I had to make up for gaps in knowledge. Took Edexcel Chemistry Physics and French. Improved on my predicted grades and teacher pushed us with homework and sample examinations every day. French teacher was very patient. Only negative is classroom for physics was quite small and internet kept on dropping.

Posted 1 week ago

Janet Clarkson

Attending the math class was a great experience for my son. The teachers are very friendly, considerate, energetic and enthusiastic. he is making good academic progress so we are confident that he will be successful in achieving the grades he needs for University.

Posted 9 months ago

Robert Mckein

The team at Lite Regal Education ensured great equilibrium between academic and social activities, which promoted a sense of achievement, independence and exposure amongst students. Thank you for an exceptional A2 chemistry Year.

Posted 9 months ago

Mark Berkly

My daughter had a really positive experience with her A Maths Level Edexcel Easter Revision Retakes. She had attended the A Easter revision course and was extremely impressed with the small groups and Teacher, There was a lot of focus and individual attention and focus on the way that she learned best. We are so grateful.

Posted 9 months ago

deborah smith

The medical course was not what I imagined, It was better than I expected. I went on the Medical as I would like to be a doctor one day, and this summer camp was recommended by a friend in Lebanon. However the course was vastly different to the basic science done at other places and was very intriguing and has also made me very passionate about a career in medical science. The tutor Rebecca was also very friendly and so easy to understand that it might as well be basic science. Thanks Rebecca!

Posted 1 year ago

Chris Irwin

The place was fantastic, teachers were very thorough with their explanations. I had engineering and my tutor Gao Wei was very energetic with the subject and had an infectious attitude, he was easy to keep up with and understand. I loved my engineering course.

Posted 1 year ago

Robert Jenkinks

Sports activities were great as the facilities and equipment available were very good and effective. The tasks set out were effective to either determine or effect a variable of the student, such as endurance or strength of a certain limb or muscle. The tasks set were easy to understand and were fun to complete. Overall these activities were very effective and worth while.

Posted 1 year ago

Aira Waseem

The summer course was excellent as I found out many things unknown to me at this course. Also the great activities done after the course for the day were very engaging and entertaining. The activity leader Mr Lucas was social and easy to get along with allowing for the other attenders to engage with each other if the activity required group work.

Posted 1 year ago

Ranama Bilash

At first I was nervous to go to this place as I didn't know any of the teachers or any of the other attenders. However the English course I was set to do was very effective as teacher Doris was very kind and patient,that allowed me to get settled in and get engaged with the work. There were many scenarios where I was not confident or didn't know the answer and she was patient for me to try for the correct answer and if I didn't get the answer she would drop hints for me to use.

Posted 1 year ago

Shawn Dorrell

My son was here last summer. He enjoyed the Business Enterprise course and loved the different activities after class. Great welfare too. Accommodation was suitable, and food was OK. Overall, a good experience that helped him get through the first semester of college.

Posted 1 year ago

Kavya Vaishnavi

My daughter is very satisfied with this institute. She took the Sumer Intensive English Course. We are immigrants from India and I want her to be able to speak the language with confident. She loved the program and the tutors, I can tell now that she feels more secure when talking to others and her writting skills have improved as well.

Posted 1 year ago

Linda Durmish

The experience of a lifetime. I took the LAW SCHOOL PREPARATION SUMMER COURSE here in Lite Regal, mainly because I needed some help with my stage fright. It gives me a lot of anxiety just by talking in public, and as a future lawyer I need to overcome that; the tutors here in this institute gave me the real tools and made me feel more secure about myself, so I won't have any problems when I begin my career. From the students to the tutors, they all helped me a lot and I am grateful to them.

Posted 1 year ago

Sophie Tilmitt

I was home sick at first, but after a few days I made many friends - up to this day we still talk to each other... The staff were friendly, especially the activities leaders. Activities coordinators were the best, we had such a wonderful time learning and having fun on outdoors activities. I will never forget this experience at Lite Regal, best summer course ever.

Posted 1 year ago

Maria Beckstein

I did the Film Academy Summer Course, and I absolutely LOVED it. I got my hands on practical training in all aspects of film production, including camera work, lighting, script writing, editing. The tutors and lecturers are professionals in the Film Industry and they taught me a lot of things. I did the course in London and I got the chance to do a field excursion to the Warner Bros Studio Tour; experience was ace... Campus was great and I did a lot of friends. I would take the course again if I've got the chance.

Posted 1 year ago

Deborah Bligh

Great company providing a fantastic opportunity to learn in London or Cambridge. They offer a range of courses from GCSE's to University foundation courses and the teachers are fantastic. They are friendly, approachable and welcoming. A great experience all round.

Posted 1 year ago

James Cerrone

Couldn't ask for more. My son was impressed with this course, not only it was educational but also very cultural. He took the Global Leadership course, I guess he wants to be an entrepreneur just like his father. He learned so much, I know now he is ready for College. Thank you Lite Regal.

Posted 1 year ago

Adam Parke

It's an inspirational place for anyone that takes the leap. Developed so many skills and met new friends and would love to go back. There is also cultural excursions to so many amazing places. Would recommend it to anyone.

Posted 1 year ago

Antonietta Castillo

Nice institute. I attended the Creative Writing course last summer, 2 weeks in London. Good instructors, the people were nice and you learn a lot. I give it 4 star because the food was OK and the wifi sometimes was a little slow, but other than that I was a great experience.

Posted 1 year ago

Sophie Barnett

I really enjoyed this course. I like to say how much I have enjoyed this course. It has been incredibly enlightening and educational, but it has also been very enjoyable. Thank you.

Posted 1 year ago

Lorena Kolkowsky

My daughter took the 4 week Medicine course in London. Her dream has always been being a world famous M.D., but before she started applying for the long career, I wanted her to be inspired and to see if that was her truly vocation... She LOVED the course here at Lite Regal Education, she always tell me that thanks to this institute she rested assured that she was following the right track. I am greatly grateful with this institute, they did their best in providing my daughter with the tools so she could finally make up her mind.

Posted 1 year ago

Lily Buranasin

The school is friendly and there are lots of activitys'. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn but also enjoy learning. I applied for 6 summer schools, but out of every single one this was my first choose for so many reasons. The wifi was dropping in the evening on few occasions. When I complained about the wifi they told me that the router was far away from the room. But luckily they gave my me a better room.

Posted 1 year ago