Update : ( 5 Dec 2020 ) For AS and A level Easter Revision in 2021 in London Mayfair

The GCSE and A Levels will go-ahead for all those sitting the AS and A2 Exams in England in Summer 2021. However, Mr. Williamson (our Education Secretary) has indicated that the exams will be marked more leniently for exam Generation COVID of  y12 and y13 students. Students will also be given notice of advanced topics ahead of the actual exams and the DFe (Department of Education) has advised us that students will “receive second chance papers” if students have had to self isolate or are ill. Our A level Easter Revision in 2021 marks an important time in the calendar for Students sitting their A Levels as an important revision period.

Students should are advised to register early. All our exam revision will take place for In-Person Teaching in our London Mayfair Premises. Although we recommend students to attend the Easter A level revision for in-person lessons as problems can be tackled head-on and.  These lessons can also be taken remotely if wished by the parents or pupil if the students are abroad or on holiday (there is however no price difference) – On the gravity form before payment is made please indicate if you wish to attend our A Level Easter Revision in-person or remotely.

All Parents who deferred the Easter Revision from 2020 to Easter 2021, if not already contacted by us, are advised to email us to let us know their new intended dates.



Prestigious and Central London location: Lite Regal Education Mayfair London (Nearest Station is Green Park)


Morning Stream: 9am - 12.30pm, Afternoon Stream: 1.30pm - 5pm


All major subjects available in small group tuition, specific subjects available through individual one-to-one tuition


All boards covered, AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC, CIE


Highly qualified tutors, specialists in their field, educated at top Universities

Residential Option

Optional accommodation in single rooms in University campus with 24 hours supervision and full board available

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FEES 2021

Half-day tuition (17.5 hours): £525 / week | Full-day tuition (35 hours): £1050 / week | Accommodation: £595 / week


Every student that is going to take an AS or A2 exam will benefit enormously from attending the Lite Regal Easter Revision course.

Simply by attending the Lite Regal A Level London Easter Revision course it can help you maximise your grade potential. Easter  is a crucial time during the holidays to bulk and re-enforce your knowledge in the AS or A2 subjects you have chosen. It is a time to practice exams and go through the syllabus, increase your subject knowledge, outline and overcome areas of weakness with small classes and an experienced A Level tutor.

Easter is the most important time in every student’s calendar for AS and A2 revision and our London Easter Revision courses for A Levels have become increasingly popular. Since 1993 LITE Regal has been in the education business and our experience will allow you through hard work to achieve your goals. Our London Easter Revision courses are an excellent way to plan, prepare and address concerns, leaving sufficient time to fine-tune revision skills.

At LITE Regal our Easter Revision courses are aimed at increasing your subject knowledge through being with like-minded individuals and working through problem areas to enable you to gain confidence with the actual exams.

Our London Easter Revision courses are a great way of getting the bulk of your revision done early. The revision is structured for you with the emphasis in the right places and lots of practice on past papers. Through proven exam technique and by using only the best tutors majority whom have been Oxbridge educated we will help students overcome problem areas and enable students to build confidence to achieve their maximum grade in the summer examinations.

These Easter Revision courses help students remain calm at a time when stress may start to build. We concentrate on proven exam techniques and clarifying students’ problem areas to maximise performance in the summer exams.

Expect to be worked hard during our Easter Revision courses.

AS and A2 courses of five intensive half-days (9:00-12:30 or 1:30-5:00) at a cost of £525 per week, or five intensive full-days (9:00 – 5:00) at a cost of £1050 per week. It is possible to complete six subjects over the three-week Easter period.


Qualified Tutors

You will be taught by highly qualified, academic subject tutors, who’s depth of knowledge is exceptional.

Small Classes

Small tutorial groups (max 7 students) where individual problematic areas are quickly highlighted and solved.

Exam Skills

We include mock exams and intensive proven exam techniques practice, two timed tests and final mock exam.

Initial Assesment

We will run assessments at the start of the course in order to identify areas where improvement is needed.

Revision Planning

You will work through structured revision plans and receive individual assessment and support on every day.

Full Boarding

High quality, full-board accommodation in single rooms with 24 hours supervision on University campus.

Why choose our Easter A Level Revision Course in London and what makes us different

We understand that A Level Exams and the preparation is very stressful for students. Many students may opt to revise at home but at home their are many distraction which may stop them from from doing so. Easter is a time in which parents should seriously consider sending their children to the best and a leading learning environment – as the outcome of the test will affect their future. Lite Regal are one of the leading A level and GCSE Schools. How are we ? We run University Foundation Preparation and A Level and GCSE’s from our Full time International School and Short Courses throughout the year so we are specialists in what we do. We have the expertise and experience to get you that improved grade. Above all we care about you – Our Students – and we will give you our Best Teachers and experience in what ever hardships or troubles you have in this stressful time.

It it not sitting at home trying to force memorise AS and A2 Level  information it is about understanding the subject matter in which the student will succeed.

Its not about matter of how many hours you revise but how you revise and the understanding that will give you the advantage. Unlike other Revision Courses – At Lite Regal A Level Easter Revision in London we will not just teach content but how to revise effectively that the student will carry beyond the Easter when they return to their school. We will let our students : 

Get confidence and motivation

Learn Effective Exam Revision Technique – Effective Flash cards, Effective and condensed note of Key topics and more

Learn to Make Effective Revision Notes

Learn how to Structure and make an effective revision timetable in the lead up to the Summer Mocks or Real A Levels

Learn to embrace a time and structure and to revise within regime that the student is happy with

LRE (Lite Regal Education and Lite Regal International School) – Business Teacher Mr Mark Blane – Discussing A Level Revision techniques and Business Content on how to achieve their goal and grades

At Lite Regal we understand every student has a different learning ability – The success of a student depends upon our teachers understanding what makes that student “click” and believing in that student abilities and helping them increase their grade potential through an effective structured A Level  Easter Revision week in London.


All subjects are also available through individual one-to-one tuition. Please contact us for personalised quote. For subjects not listed please contact our admissions team at admissions@literegal.co.uk.


LITE Regal covers all boards, AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC, CIE and groups are organised according to shared needs within syllabuses. Legacy and Reformed Option included.


AS & A Level Syllabus Outline


    We are now accepting applications for our London and Cambridge centers.

    Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions before submitting your application to us.


    LITE Regal Mayfair, Central London: Berkeley Square House

    • LITE Regal London, Berkeley Sq House, Berkeley Sq, London W1J 6BR
    • +44(0)2078874509


    As the dates set by individual schools for Easter holidays vary, LITE Regal can arrange individual tuition to suit your availability over the Easter period. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Dates 2021

    Mon 29th March - Fri 2nd April

    Mon 5th April - Fri 9th April

    Mon 12th April - Fri 16th April

    Times 2021

    (9:00-12:30 or 1:30-5:00) for half-day tuition - 17.5 hours
    (9:00-12:30 and 1:30-5:00) for full-day tuition - 35 hours

    Fees 2021

    Half-day tuition (17.5 hours): £525 per week
    Full-day tuition (35 hours): £1050 per week

    Residential Option

    Accommodation is available for all three weeks of study in single rooms in college residence with 24 hour supervision and full board is included. Students booking accommodation will be scheduled to arrive on the Sunday preceding their first day of study.
    Accommodation Fee: £595 per week


    To make a booking you can either apply online or via our paper application form. If for any reason we cannot offer you a place any fees paid will be refunded.

    Applying online is the fastest and easiest way to secure a place on our courses. Please click the APPLY ONLINE link to get started with your application. If you would like to you can download our paper application form. payment via paper application can be made by credit / debit card, cheque or bank transfer. please see the application form for further details.

    Upon receipt of your booking we will send you acknowledgement email confirming your place on the course.