Amazing Science through STEM

Amazing Science with STEM

Amazing Science will for any Pre-Teen aged 10-13 who is interested and enjoy Science at School. At the Lite Regal Inspirational Summer Camp all the Girls and Boys will learn Science though interesting Experiments and Workshops. They will build and make thing that will amaze these young students

The Amazing Science is for any 10-13 year olds who are interested in fun Science Activities and Experiments and how things work. This is a Science class with a difference – in which young scientist will build bridges, telescopes and robots, and learn Science and Technology and Maths in a fun an exciting way. This class will teach student kids through hands on work shops and simple experiments how things work. They will lean about about Science – Biology, Chemistry though Workshops and Lessons. They will look under microscopes to see living cells and be engaged with fun experiments and learn about Living Things - Plants, Animals, Humans. They will learn for instance about photosynthesis, Microbes,how things fly and how to make slim.

They will study bacteria under the microscope and learn about planets and chemical and all fun things to stimulate their young scientific minds.