11+ Preparation

This Option will help your child if they are they live in the UK and are currently in year 5 or year 6 and will be applying to a private independent school in the UK that uses the 11+ exam as one of the Entry procedures as it selection policy for Entry.

Our teacher are the very best - they have the patience and knowledge and teaching skills to ensure your child's time and knowledge will increase in this course.

This Course will provide your child with all the knowledge, confidence and experience necessary to do very well in the 11+ exam.

Practise Practise Practise - This course is about going through actual past exams to give the students confidence and also to highlight the areas that they need help with.

The teacher will go through past practise papers with the students and ensure that they they they necessary skills to do well in the exam. The students will learn about time keeping skills, and techniques and short cuts to maximise their knowledge to get the most marks possible

The teacher will concentrate on the knowledge base necessary to do well in the 11+ :




Non Verbal reasoning and Spatial awareness

11+ Syllabus 2019