21st Century Etiquette

21st Century Etiquette Summer Camp for 10-13 year old in London

21st Century Etiquette for 10-13 year olds

What you will Learn in a Glance :

  1. 1 Promote Leadership, Self Confidence ,Social Skills through Etiquette
  2. how to be  a better Global Citizen
  3. Improve Time keeping
  4. Promote Leadership
  5. Respect one's Self and Parents and Teachers
  6. Learn Etiquette Though Exciting Active Work Shops with the Best Teacher
  7. Learn in on of the Best Universities in the World Ranked (No 7) to Inspire you
  8. How to get Social Skills and learn to to meet and Greet People politely


This course is specifically for pre-teens aged 10-13 and will promote leadership, self-confidence and all the social skills necessary to become a 21st citizen with 21st Century Skills through Etiquette. They will taught how to gain positive self – esteem. This  21st Century Etiquette Elective is an afternoon Elective and is part of the Inspirational Summer Camp option where students will learn etiquette for over 20 hours per week.

Pre-teens and and children 10-13 year old are at an age where they are growing and analysing themselves and questions their confidence and asking themselves questions such “Do I fit in”, or” What do my friends think of me” and am “I saying or doing the right things”. This course gives the students the set of tools necessary and social skills to face the future positively.

The course is fun and with other children will learn how to handle themselves in different social situations. Their social awareness and attitude to others and the way they interact with them will change after this course. They will gain the self confidence and set of social skills and etiquette and diplomacy necessary to communicate and build bridges with others and have the etiquette to talk and interact to parents and teachers and their peers in a polite positive manner.

It promotes leadership through etiquette and dining skills. The programmes are specifically designed for the pre-teen age group. They are highly interactive and fun, and are in harmony with the growing emphasis on character education and positive self-esteem. How to introduce oneself and the art of speaking and body language will be covered.

Quick Glance Skill Set

A sample of topics covered include:

-posture and how to introduce one self-confidence
- Social & Communication Skills
- Presentation Skills
- Introductions and Greetings
- Self-respect & Respect for Others
- Conversation & Listening Skills
- Telephone Etiquette
- Social Media Etiquette & Safety
- The Protocol of Public Places
- The ABCs of Table Manners and Dining
- Table Place Settings (UK, Continental, US)
- Napkins & Handling Silverware
- Difficult to Eat Foods
- Do's & Don'ts of Graceful Dining
- Showing Appreciation