• Problem solving
  • How to be a better global citizen
  • Communication skills and presentation
  • Leadership skills
  • How to overcome shyness and be more confident
  • Collaboration and sharing of ideas and work
  • How to use computing for research and to your advantage


Part of morning elective option for Inspirational Summer Camp for 10-13 year olds


Being a global citizen is an important skill acquisition in today's world for your child . Every pre-teen aged 10-13 should have this skill in order to be a more connected 21st century student. This morning elective will teach students about a skills set that is essential in making the best of ones skills. The essential modules of time keeping, problem solving, communication skills, leadership skills and collaboration with each other are essential skills necessary to become a more aware, kind and successful global citizen. All these skills will be taught to your child should you choose this option. This course is an important curriculum in many international IB schools and continually offered successfully at Lite Regal Summer School.

Critical thinking and how to successfully solve problems and how to successfully study and interact with others in class will be invaluable to students in the graduation to High School / Secondary School.

The 21st century marks the abundance of information available on the Internet. This 21st century skills option set will also include how to best use and effectively use computing information available to pre-teens, how to use computers to research and study effectively and to analyse information given. Students will use information technology and computers. The young students are encouraged to develop their own perspectives to find and assesses computing information and become active and aware users.

Through exciting and engaging class time, computers, visual presentations and exciting work shops this summer 21st century skills elective will not be boring but keep the 10-13 year olds always engaged. There will be a lot of discussions with similar aged peers to discuss and analyse problems and discuss their findings.


Time keeping

Problem solving

Communication and collaboration skills

Technology skills

Cross culture awareness