3 x 40 minutes interviews with feedback over course of the day


subject specific Oxbridge tutors assigned to you


oral and written feedback


9am to 5.30pm

Subject Specific Tutorials

small groups of up to 6 to discuss interview techniques and questions

If you are looking to apply to Oxford, Cambridge or any of the other 22 top UK Universities that make up the Russell Groups and feel that you may need help with your UCAS form or any parts of the application procedure then this course may be of benefit to you. This course can be taken in conjunction to the other courses in this website or can be taken as a stand alone course.

Whilst the support and guidance given at the schools are excellent many students especially those from abroad may feel they may need some more personal help with all the processes in applying to the Oxford, Cambridge or any of above Universities. With a small group of students and time for one to one advice with our personal tutors who are hand picked and have attended these Universities they will go through all questions and help you.




The application deadline for Oxbridge and most courses in Dentistry, Medicine and Veterinary Science should be in by 15th October 2017, 18:00 (UK time). If you have been fortunate enough to be invited to Oxbridge for an interview (that traditionally occurs in early December), this course aims to help prospective applicants to Oxford and Cambridge Universities with information, techniques and importantly the confidence to make the nerve wracking process a little less daunting.

Whilst there is no crystal ball to predict exactly what questions a candidate may expect, this course aims by using subject specific tutors, all who have been through the interview process themselves a range of questions to test candidates. The process will be an invaluable as we will provide one to one interviews with feedback to simulate the important interview date.

Aim Of The Course

  • build confidence
  • provide a range of questions both general and subject specific asked at interviews
  • provide oral and written feedback

Course Objective

  • an opportunity to put questions to people who have been through the process
  • an opportunity to meet fellow Oxbridge applicants


Birkbeck College - University of London

Malet Street


London WC1E 7HX

Nearest tube station: Russel Square

There is limited parking available and it is advisable to come by public transport. If you would like to come by car, the nearest car park is a 5 minutes walk to Birkbeck College and costs £14 for the 10 hours. Please note there is no congestion charge payable on Saturday. 

(CC Parking, Royal National Hotel, 38-51 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0DG)



Seminars and workshops to introduce candidates to types of questions and techniques and body language in answering questions
Candidates will be placed in small subject specific tutorial groups lead by an Oxbridge tutor. The aim is group assess the candidates, increase subject knowledge and discuss tutorial style.
All candidates 3 one - to - one subject specific interviews with an Oxbridge tutor. Full written and verbal feedback will be provided throughout. All non-Oxbridge candidates will also receive a subject specific interviews with both written and verbal feedback.

What candidates should bring: copies of UCAS applications, personal statements, suplemental questionnaire


Our Oxbridge Preparation course covers the following:

  • Personal statement and UCAS consulting - one to one as well as group tutorials
  • Interview - mock interview with specialist subject teachers
  • University open days and tours
  • Workshops and seminars on the Oxbridge and Russel Group entry preparation and mock interviews - coaching on confidence
  • provision of supportive environment in the application process
  • University exam preparation - help with the admission tests, mock tests in the various tests including BMAT, UKCAT, LNAT, TSA Oxford, TSA Cambridge, TSA UCL, MAT
  • Subject and extra curricular activities

Admission Tests

BMAT -  This is an aptitude test that is used as part of the admissions for Medicine, Vetinary Medicine or Biomedical Sciences or other related courses in some Univerities in the United Kingdom and abroad

UKCAT – This is another aptitude test that is used for admissions into certain UK Universities for Medicine and Medicine related courses

LNAT – This aptitude test is used by certain Universities for Law courses

TSA – This Thinking Skills Assessment is used as part of the admissions procedures to certain courses in Oxford University, Cambridge University and University College London ( UCL )

MAT – The Mathematics aptitude test (MAT) is used by Imperial College and  Oxford University as part of its admissions process for Maths and Computing courses

Personal Statement

The UCAS Personal Statement form is a critical part and integral to your success in application process. It will be the opportunity to describe yourself,  your skills, motivation for applying for your chosen course and of course any extra curricular activities you have done that are relevant to your chosen course, ambitions and experience. With personal help from our tutor and listening to other students we will help you plan , draft and write your Personal Statement so it best reflects you.