4 weeks: £230 per week

8 weeks: £210 per week

I have achieved high IELTS score thanks to LITE Regal and am ready to apply for Masters.Karin, Japan


Start Dates: set start dates

Course Length: 4 + weeks

Tuition Hours: 20 lessons per week

Class Size: maximum 12 students

Minimum Age: 16 +

English Requirements: B1 +

Location: London, Cambridge



IELTS or the International Language Testing System, is an internationally recognised examination for all students whose first language is not English.

IELTS is provided by Cambridge and all our IELTS Exam Preparation courses closely follow the course syllabus and help you to be as prepared as possible.

Cambridge IELTS is now widely used as a necessary entrance qualification for most English speaking Universities as well as becoming a standard for international companies. Therefore IELTS Exam preparation not only helps you to further your studies but can also develop your career prospects for the future.

The course offered at LITE Regal English school focuses on preparing you for your Cambridge IELTS examination. Therefore we closely follow the syllabus recommended by Cambridge, along with supplementing the lessons with valuable material in order to help you pass.


The lessons will concentrate on the key elements of the English language: reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar.

Reading, Writing & Listening: You as a student will be exposed to typical Cambridge IELTS examination questions and will develop your skills in order to approach these elements of the IELTS exam as confidently as possible.

Speaking: Each lesson you will have the opportunity to practice your spoken English in an interview style.

Grammar: essential to the English language, you are expected to have a good knowledge of grammar. Throughout the IELTS Exam Preparation course you will have the opportunity to improve, consolidate and question any grammatical problems you have. All areas of grammar will be revised.


  Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3
Monday Vocabulary: food and drink Reading: skimming and scanning text Speaking: class role plays 'Eating Out'
Tuesday Grammar: possesive 's Vocabulary: family Writing: writing a description of your family
Wednesday Reading: skimming and scanning text Listening: listening for detail Grammar: present simple
Thursday Vocabulary: things in the house Writing: writing a description of your house Speaking: describing pictures
Friday Grammar: positive and negative Listening: sentence stress Pronunciation: single vowel sounds