Course highlights

Location: Aberdeen University, Edinburgh University

Ranking: 2nd best University in the world by QS World Ranking

Academic: IWCF Level1 Awareness, IWCF Level 2 Well Control

Industry link: Field visit to renowned oil & gas company

Outcome: Enhance your CV, academic broadening and knowledge

Awards: Certificate awarded upon completion of the course, graduation ceremony

Tutors: Top academic tutors, specialists in their field

Social Programme: Exciting social programme including 3 coach trips


This course is aimed at all personnel and individuals working or wishing to work with the Oil and Gas industry. 

The IWCF (international Well Control Forum) is the only independent body focusing on Oil and Gas Accreditation. This course leads to level 1 and level 2 certification by the IWCF. 

The IWCF level 1 is an awareness Course which will focus on the life-cycle of a well, with particular emphasis on well control. 

The IWCF level 2 course provides the drilling personnel with basic understanding of well control. Progressing junior staff get a solid background and knowledge of why well control is essential, how well control is maintained, what the indicators are that well control might be lost, and how to regain the control once it has been lost.

Academic content

The content follows the syllabus from the IWCF:

Level 1 training modules include:

  • A brief history of Oil and gas
  • The life-cycle of a well
  • Drilling rig
  • Well control during drilling and well control
  • Well intervention and work-over
  • Well control during intervention

Level 2 training modules include: Well Control

  • General well control principles
  • Risk assessment
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Formation pressures
  • Primary & secondary well control
  • Well control equipment
  • Subsea and surface equipment
  • Well barrier concept
  • Kick causes
  • Kick detection
  • Influx characteristics and behavior
  • Well control methods
  • Inflow testing


Learn and gain valuable skills and knowledge necessary for your future. The course covers basic principals and techniques of well control.

After successful completion gain a recognised IWCF certificate valid for 5 years

Learn negative consequences of well control and how to regain control.

Have the opportunity to gain an education and cultural experience on the world's best Universities

Course objectives

The objectives of this course are to be able to:

  • Understand the negative consequences associated with loss of well control
  • Understand the need for detection
  • Recognize the warning signs of abnormal pressure
  • Know the actions that should be taken when kick indicators are present
  • Be familiar with the functions of the bop equipment
  • Be able to select well control method to regain control
  • Be able to fill in an IWCF surface and/or subsea kill sheet
  • Be able to calculate kill mud weight, initial circulation pressure and final circulation pressure
  • Correctly obtain shut in pressures in the well
  • Understand the barrier concept
  • Know the impact pumping cement could have on well control
  • Obtain sufficient knowledge to pass a written IWCF test with minimum 70% score

Level 2 training

Consists of two written assessments. If passed, the certificate is valid for 5 years.

You will also be “exposed” to practical simulations to design and construct structures to reinforce that knowledge gained. Through theory and practical application and group discussion the learning will be enjoyable and rewarding and intellectually stimulating. 

By the end of the course you will:

  • understand the academic principles required for success in your chosen field
  • gain an introduction to the scope of possibilities in Oil and Gas industry careers
  • build confidence in your academic and leadership abilities
  • learn leadership  skills
  • learn to work productively and creatively in an increasingly diverse nation and connected world

Outside classroom

Our dedicated Events Team has created an exciting action packed social programme to complement your studies to ensure you have as much fun as possible, make friends and get the most out of your stay with us.

Cultural Excursions

Excursions take a full advantage of an excellent transport network both from Edinburgh and Aberdeen, giving you a real taste of life in the United Kingdom

After Learning Activities

There is so much going on in Edinburgh and Aberdeen and we don’t think you’ll be bored. After classes you’ll have a range of activities to enjoy too.

If your chosen study center is Edinburgh

Awe inspiring Museums including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh castle, Royal Botanical Gardens, National Mining Museum, The infamous Scottish Countryside, Scottish Parliament.

If your chosen study center is Aberdeen

Infamous Historical Scottish Castles, Museums and portrait galleries, Aberdeen Maritime Museum, The Tolbooth, Cruickshank Botanical Gardens, Gordons highlanders Museums

Free Time

We understand that students will want some free time to relax, attend to personal administration and contact their families. Some free time will be provided for rest and relaxation, however, we believe the most valuable experience to the student is a fully immersive, packed programme of activities and so students should expect to be engaged in team activities for the majority of time.


Edinburgh Castle

Balmoral Castle: Balmoral has been one of the residences for members of the British Royal Family since 1852

Visit the infamous Scottish Highlands and experience the friendly Scottish people

Aberdeenshire countryside and highlands


You will be accommodated in one of the College campuses. You will be allocated a room, usually sharing a twin room with another student of the same gender. Typically students will be accommodated on single-sex corridors or floors, with staff members and mentors always available on site. Living all together is a great way to make friends and sample the university lifestyle, as the welcoming environment allows you to develop a sense of community.

Breakfast and lunch is served and eaten in the College dining hall, which provides a bright and comfortable space for communal meals. Students will enjoy a varied and healthy diet: all meals are freshly prepared and special diets can be catered for with advance notice. A three-course dinner is provided daily either in the College dining hall, or in various restaurants as part of the social programme.

Safety and Security on Campus

Students will be overseen by our course leaders and residential staff to classes and activities, who ensure that students are looked after pastorally and socially during their programme and are available to assist students at any time of the day or night.

All students will be issued with emergency contact details for staff members and will be given a full safety briefing on arrival.

Student welfare

LITE Regal Summer School offers a safe and secure environment that is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our friendly and professional team. We have a dedicated team of Managers, Teachers and College Mentors. The welfare of our students is our main priority at all times and our staff specialise in the pastoral care of older teenagers.

Management Team

Our Management team is headed by the College Principal, who takes responsibility for the daily running of the college, and supervises the Academic Programme. The Social & Welfare Manager takes charge of the Social Programme and is supported by a team of College Mentors, who ensure everyone is happy, safe and having fun.

Working together, our Managers ensure that every aspect of the college runs smoothly, safely and offers every student the chance to participate fully.

College Mentors

Our Mentors are key members of staff who support and assist our students within the college accommodation and throughout the Social Programme. Our team of College Mentors work with our Social & Welfare Manager in organising the college’s social events and excursions, as well as accompanying students into campuses and during day trips. They are approachable and caring, ensuring that all students get involved in the life of the college.


Students on the Oil and Gas Programme:

  • must be aged 18+
  • must be fluent or near-fluent English language speakers – if you are unsure whether your English level is suitable for this programme, please contact our registration team
  • must show motivation for attending the programme and participate in terms of attendance at lessons, meals and events

What's included

The cost of one LITE Regal Summer School programme is £3,695 and includes the following:


  • over 40 hours of tuition over two weeks
  • all course materials
  • guest lectures and industry visits
  • IWCF examination and assessment, certificate upon completion

Social programme

  • wide range of afternoon & evening activities
  • 3 coach excursions to various parts of UK
  • graduation party


  • accommodation on the university campus
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • free WiFi (subject to availability)


  • LITE Regal welcome pack
  • T-shirt
  • souvenir