This course is for 13-15 year olds who are interested and academically bright and show a real passion for science. Students should be studying GSCE / A Level or equivalent science subjects at school and should be thinking of pursuing this at a “top” University. Through tried and tested lessons students are taught the theoretical knowledge needed and then in workshops they learn to create, make and innovate exciting lab experiments. This course pushes the academic knowledge of students in Mathematics and Science and they experience what it is really like to study Science and Engineering as an undergraduate at University.

Academic content

The below are core details that will be covered in STEM workshops.

These workshops are created and tested by LITE Regal STEM and Engineering teachers whom are Oxbridge or London University Graduates or Postgraduates. Students are placed into groups to encourage team building and are set “design” and “make” projects. These projects improve creative thinking, problem solving and team work. We will make no “bones” about it – students will be academically challenged in their Maths and Science abilities.

Bridge Building

In groups students will work as Engineers to design and build their own bridge. Students must consider how high the bridge is to be used, how long and wide it should be and how much weight it must hold. Using geometry, maths and measurements each bridge must be able to carry the weight of a model car. Prizes will be given for the bridge which carries the most weight as well as having the most “pleasing” design.


Build a water pump

Students will learn about Archimedes of Syracus 3rd Century BC who invented a pump still in use today. They will be required to design and build a simple pump to supply rural village in Africa with drinking water. Students will use different materials provided as well as learning about the different types of pumps. Pumps will be judged according to design, creativity, material costs and power usage.

Blast Off! Construction of a rocket!

Students will construct a rocket using materials and powered by air and a launch apparatus students try to launch the rocket as high as possible. The rockets should easily achieve 200 ft. in the air. Students in groups will learn the design and aerodynamics and be set a challenge to fly the rocket as high as possible. Students will learn about aerospace engineering and learn about Newton’s 3rd Law of motion. 

Tallest Building and Tall Tower Challenge

Using a variety of materials students are placed in groups and explore the design process of tall structures and telecommunication towers. Students using STEM and technical knowledge must build the tallest tower they can. The tower must be strong enough to support the weight of a golf ball for 2 minutes. The tallest and most “beautiful” building wins.

Students will learn about structural Engineering and the maths behind shapes that govern tall buildings.

STEM Field Visit

Lite Regal is unique from many other summer schools in that it offers unique field visits to innovative companies that would benefit and inspire students.

For 2018 year STEM students will visit Hyder Consulting, responsible for the new London Bridge station and many other projects as well as field visits to the Science Museum (London). Also for this year due to popular request students will have the option of visiting Google Campus in London should they wish with the Business Enterprise and Leadership course students. 

All STEM students will also be given membership of the young Engineers to become ambassadors for STEM and also to be part of a global UK network promoting STEM with many benefits.