We the staff of Lite Regal and the Scholarship Board would personally like to thank ALL applicants who applied for the 2018 Scholarship. We thank all applicants for the time in writing and filing in the application form and also the arduous process of interviews and obtaining references. 

For 2018 there were applications from all over the world and all applicants were young boys and girls  who displayed amazing self confidence and spirit and the desire to push themselves both academically and holistically and who all showed potential public-spirit  to be potential global leaders and influential people in the future.

The final list of 28 candidates were of outstanding calibre and it was extremely difficult to choose the Final Candidates. For every success there will of course be some disappointment. The candidates for Stage 1 this year, of which there was a record number of applicants, was narrowed down to 28 and for Stage 3(the Final Stage )4 candidates were chosen.


The list of students awarded Scholarships in 2018

100% Scholarship Award

Miss Mai Le Hoang – Vietnam: awarded for Creative Writing

50% Scholarship Award

Mr Ibrahim Shah – Pakistan: awarded for Creative Writing

25% Scholarship Award

Mr Frankie Logue – United Kingdom: awarded for Law School Preparation

25% Scholarship Award

Miss Lauren Chong – Malaysia: awarded for Engineering Preparation