IGCSE Biology (9-1) Easter Revision

This course is suitable to all candidates doing the Cambridge CIE IGCSE 0970 Syllabus Spec and the Edexcel IGCSE 4BI1. The examination will be marked on the 9-1 scale. The IGCSE Biology Easter Revision will be taught through syllabus content, examination practise and model answers of exam questions to check the candidate knowledge of key biology content.

Dates & Availability 2020

Mon 30th March - Fri 3rd April

Mon 6th April - Fri 10th April

Mon 13th April - Fri 17th April

Fees 2020

Half day tuition (17.5 hours per week): £445 per week

Full day tuition (35 hours per week): £890 per week

Accommodation (single room with meals): £595 per week

Study Times

(9:00-12:30 or 1:30-5:00) for half-day tuition - 17.5 hours
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Lite Regal Mayfair, Central London: Berkeley Square House

LITE Regal London, Berkeley Sq House, Berkeley Sq, London W1J 6BR

IGCSE Biology Syllabus Overview

Content and Syllabus overview for Biology IGCSE

1  Characteristics and classification of living organisms

2  Organisation of the organism

3  Movement in and out of cells

4  Biological molecules

5  Enzymes

6  Plant nutrition

7  Human nutrition

8  Transport in plants

9  Transport in animals

10  Diseases and immunity

11  Gas exchange in humans

12  Respiration

13  Excretion in humans

14  Coordination and response

15  Drugs

16  Reproduction

17  Inheritance

18  Variation and selection

19  Organisms and their environment

20  Biotechnology and genetic engineering

21  Human influences on ecosystems