1 - 4 weeks: £198 per week

5 - 8 weeks: £190 per week

9 - 15 weeks: £180 per week

16 - 29 weeks: £172 per week

30 + weeks: £163 per week

My English has dramatically improved, the quality of teaching at LITE Regal is excellent.Thomas, Belgium


Start Dates: any Monday

Course Length: 1 - 52 weeks

Tuition Hours: 20 lessons per week

Class Size: maximum 12 students

Minimum Age: 18 + (These English Courses are only for Adults aged 18+)

Levels Available: all levels from Beginners to Proficiency

Location: London, Cambridge




Please Note that this Course is Only for Adult Students aged 18+ as the Course is Unsupervised out of lessos unlike our Junior Programmes. Adult Students can choose different accommodation types (eg Homestay) if they wish

If you are aged 12-19 then you can join our Junior English Summer Programme is fully supervised all inclusive Intensive English Course Residential in the University of London or Cambridge. Click Here on our International College Site :

With over 20 years of experience specialising in the teaching of English as a foreign language, LITE Regal English School is renowned for providing friendly lessons taught by qualified native English speaking teachers.

Our General English course focuses on all aspects of English language and is suitable for English language learners of all levels.

The General English language course is for students who want to to learn English and in an interesting, fun and lively way. This is our most popular language course and it combines studying in a classroom with a lively social programme.


Reading: You will be exposed and shown how to deal with many different types of reading materials from newspapers to business letters.

Writing: You will be taught all the different writing styles of not only creative writing but also formal and business forms too, allowing you, therefore to write anything in English you choose.

Speaking: Your speaking ability will improve as you do and we at LITE Regal feel that this is an important part of each English lesson. We make sure that you practice and improve your communicative skills at every opportunity.

Listening: Listening comprehension is a very important element of the General English language course. Improving the listening comprehension will help in both your social and work life. That is why LITE Regal English School pays special attention to it.

Grammar: English grammar is the building block of any language. LITE Regal covers all areas of English grammar at all levels.

Each level here has its own course book, which follows the Cambridge syllabus. A technique that has proven results with our English language students, enabling them to pass all the exams set by Cambridge. Each course book includes the five mentioned elements, helping students to strengthen their weaknesses, no matter what they are.


All students are tested either before they start their General English course via our Online English Test or on the first day of their study. This is to make sure the student is placed at the right English language level.

The Online English Test takes 1 hour to complete. When you start your General English course, the teacher will check your level in the first week to make sure you are at the right English level.


We have a full range of ages in each General English class and anyone aged 16+ is welcome. Each class has a good mix of nationalities to encourage a lively exchange of cultures and experiences. Even if you do find that there are people from your country in your class, you will not be allowed by the teacher to speak in your language during the English lesson.


The General English course is divided into terms of 16 weeks each for the levels Elementary to Intermediate and 24 weeks each for the levels FCE to Proficiency. The beginner General English course is 4 weeks.

Each term the teacher will guide you though one completed text book. At the end of the term, you will be tested to see if you can move up to the next level.


At the end of the term, you will take an General English level-up test to see if you are ready for the next level. Once you have passed the General English level up test, you will automatically be moved in to the next class. If you are ready to move before the end of the term, your teacher can recommend that you move up to the next level immediately but you will still need to take the General English level-up test.

If at the end of the term you do not pass the General English level-up test, you will have to  stay at the same level, but you will not repeat the same text book or course material.


The teachers at LITE Regal English School are all TEFL / CELTA or equivalent qualified and provide lively, exciting lessons to their students. We want your learning experience to be fun and useful so our English teachers are chosen for their ability to use a communicative method in the classroom. Please look at our Staff Page to see some of out teaching staff.


Your teacher will meet with you to discuss your progress on the course 3 times each term: at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. This helps you to tell your teacher what you are finding difficult and they can give you advice about how to solve these problems.

In the middle of the term you will be given a progress test, which will show you and your teacher what you have learnt. Your teacher can also give you advise about how to improve your learning techniques.


All of our General English students are encouraged to take formal examinations once they have reached the First Certificate (FCE) level. We recommend that students take the University of Cambridge ESOL exams. These are held throughout the year and you can book the exam at LITE Regal. The exams can be taken in London or Cambridge depending upon which English School of LITE Regal you are studying at.

To help students prepare for the examinations we have special examination preparation courses.


  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Vocabulary: food and drink Reading: skimming and scanning text Speaking: class role plays 'Eating Out'
Tuesday Grammar: possesive 's Vocabulary: family Writing: writing a description of your family
Wednesday Reading: skimming and scanning text Listening: listening for detail Grammar: present simple
Thursday Vocabulary: things in the house Writing: writing a description of your house Speaking: describing pictures
Friday Grammar: positive and negative Listening: sentence stress Pronunciation: single vowel sounds