Are you interested in:

  • being immersed in a culture of writing
  • learning how to improve your writing skills and how to become a better and more critical reader
  • ways of thinking about writing that can be strong and purposeful and develop your creativity
  • being taught by a literary heavyweight and being surrounded by students whom have similar passions  that you are able to absorb from

This course is designed for students of all levels that have a passion for writing. By immersing students with similar interests and goals together students can learn to further their writing skills and explore their creativity. This course covers the main techniques of creative writing and is mainly workshop driven in small groups followed by classroom tested teaching techniques.

Academic content

Students will be exposed to various forms of writing, such as short fiction, poetry and drama. Students also experiment with writing these genres. The class is usually comprised of technique and style discussions, reading assignments and writing exercises. Students are introduced to the concept of a writing workshop, wherein they share pieces with peers in order to give and receive positive feedback.

This course encourages the developmental stages of creative work in a whole range of written forms and genres, and allows students to explore how writing is crafted in order to express individual visions.  The course will help students develop and extend their writing skills and creativity in fiction, poetry and screenwriting. It balances the teaching of various aspects of craft with an exploration of how personal preoccupations can be given their own voice and communicated effectively. This process of discovery will inevitably examine and refer to published examples, developing students' critical and analytical skills, in order to apply them to their own work.

Students will be asked to create a portfolio of their work done in workshops and classes during the two week course. This portfolio will be invaluable to show their abilities to their chosen University and / or client. Students will be required to create one 15-20 page short story or a series of short stories as well as participate in weekly writing exercises.

Creative writing field visit

Lite Regal has teamed up with literary societies to provide our young students with a visit to places of inspiration for writers. Visits will include trips to the Poet Library and the Poetry Café where our students will be able to engage in discussions as well as hear other students / public stories. 

For the Creative Writing Course (2018) Lite Regal has confirmed a visit to Royal Society of Literature. Students will be inspired with guest speakers and generate ideas during these field visits.